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After Service

The product guarantees stipulated:
  This product guarantees the period leaves the plant in the latter year for this company. Uses normally (according to instruction booklet, matters needing attention which on equipment marks carries on the breakdown which use situation) occurs, free carries on the repair by this company. Date of three years from within sales in the user uses in normally the process (according to instruction booklet, on equipment marks matters needing attention will carry on use situation) to have the quality problem free to provide the service, the suitable collection will only need fitting's cost price. After Wythe services gracefully product's nature guarantees the time is 3 months or the surplus product maintenance time, according to long that time execution. If the similar breakdown occurs again in this warranty period, we will service with all one's strength do not charge any fee to the purchase side.
1.Repair request method:

     1.guaranteed period occurs the breakdown, needs to entrust the repair please to confirm that at the back of the goods time, the power source or outside in box's model, the series number and the breakdown phenomenon, latter contact the Wythe graceful post-sale service department.
     2.needs to send for to carry on repair in the situation, the entrusting party should pay the business travel expense. , the damage product must deliver this department to repair, the transport expense pay by the entrusting party.

2.Outside the free repair scope the item (has tastes repair)

      1.Because uses on the mistake, the improper repair and the transformation create breakdown, damage.

      2.Because in the bad load discharges, the wiring error, connects the breakdown which by mistake creates, the damage.

      3.Because customer, in the transportation moves falls, attacks breakdown which creates, damage.

      4.The flood, the earthquake, the damage, the thunder and other natural disasters cause breakdown, damage.

      5.Used has assigned the breakdown which outside power source's power source created, the damage.

      6.Violates the application method which and the matters needing attention in the instruction booklet records carry on the breakdown which the operation causes, the damage.

     7.The consumables lose under the clear situation which needs to replace (potentiometer, switch and so on).

     8.Outside warranty period standard charge please to Wisman post-sale service department claim.

3.Special explanation
   1.Under the repair replacement's electric appliance department, turns over to Wisman company all, to will return the electric appliance department to contain any software which and the hardware the memory or will enroll, the stored data and so on related question will not lose any responsibility.
   2.This product guaranteed that the stipulation is aims at this product the breakdown to repair as well as to provide substitute item's guarantee. And will use the damage which because regarding the product breakdown will create not to lose any responsibility.
   3.Because this product breakdown repair service creates the production suspension, and other productions will lose Wisman company not to lose any responsibility
   4.This product guaranteed that the stipulation is suitable for the whole world (war, plague and other to personal safety non-safeguard country or area, Wisman company is authorized to reject repair).
  5.Tries hard as far as possible for the reduction repair, but because the patching spare parts are insufficient, the repair spare parts manufacture stops, breakage serious or reasons and so on transformation, Wisman company may refuse to repair.
  6.This product price has not contained service expenses and so on technical dispatch, calculated in addition about the following content expense
     A.. Equipment setup
     B. Equipment setup the condition and the test adjustment
     C. Maintenance and inspection, adjustment and repair
     D. Technical guidance and technical education

     7.This product guaranteed that outside the stipulation the unclear spot please send a telegram to the Wisman company.
4.service mode:
     1.telephone support: We set up the special service hot line relation to guarantee with yours contacting, when your equipment breaks down may dial the post-sale service hot line. After receiving your telephone, we will send engineer in ten minutes to carry on, solves the problem fast;
     2.visits to serve: If the telephone instruction service cannot solve, we will visit in 24 hours for you to provide the service
5.Customer service

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