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    DL50P300 hv power supply

    Maximum output voltage(KV):50


    1. Suitable for melt blown cloth with width ≤650mm
    2. Multi-purpose for N95~N99 customers
    3. Output current 20mA high current
    4. Output power 1200W
    5. Nanosecond protection response
    6. Overvoltage/overcurrent/overtemperature/arc full protection
    7. Output voltage 0~60kV continuously adjustable


Product introduction




The main function of the electrostatic electret high-voltage power supply for the production process of melt blown cloth with 99 filtering performance:

1. Inject static charge into the electrostatic electret master batch of the melt blown cloth.

2. Make the static charge stable and long-term latch in the melt blown cloth.

The 99-level filtration performance meltblown electrostatic electret high voltage power supply needs to meet the following technical parameters:

SPECIFICATION:Input: AC220±10%, maximum current 5A.

Output: 50KV and various maximum voltage output is optional, 0V to full is adjustable.

Output power: 300W

Voltage control: The multi-turn potentiometer on the power supply panel can set the output voltage from 0V to full.

Current control: The multi-turn potentiometer on the power panel can set the current from 0 to full.

Voltage regulation :

Relative load: 0.005%+500mV (no load to rated load)

Relative input: ±0.005%+500mV (input voltage change is ±10%)

Current regulation:

Relative load: 0.01%±100uA (no load to rated load)

Relative input: ±0.005% (input voltage change ±10%).

Ripple voltage: 0.03% P-P (the main technical indicator for stable injection of electric charge and no disturbance. Charge disturbance is likely to cause the charge to overflow the electret masterbatch)

Temperature coefficient: ≤25ppm/℃, higher temperature coefficient can be customized.

Stability: less than 100ppm every 8 hours after starting on for half an hour. (Key technical requirements for stable latching.)

Ambient temperature: 0 to +50°C.
Storage temperature: -40℃ to +85℃.

Voltage and current indication: 4-digit digital panel meter with an accuracy of 1% under rated output conditions.


300W: 50KV height 44mm (1U) width 483mm, length 483mm,


For information concerning our high voltage products, please call at 086 029 89282015 or visit our website www.wsmhv.com

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