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    PRF high voltage power supply

    Maximum output voltage(KV):1,5,10,15,20,25,30


    1. Output voltage up to ±30KV, power 5W-10W
    2. Optional RS-232, RS-485 control
    3. Quickly reverse the polarity when the high voltage is turned on
    4. The fastest reversal time can be 8ms
    5. Excellent adjustment performance, low ripple 70mVP-P
    6. With voltage and current monitoring terminal
    7. Local or remote control
    8. Arc and short circuit protection
    9. OEM customization available


Product introduction



Wisman's PRF modular high voltage power supply is ideal for OEM usage. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of applications requiring a hot switched reversible output voltage. The output polarity of the unit can be quickly and safely reversed via the Polarity Control Signal provided on the interface connecter. Both the output voltage and current are fully adjustable via ground referenced remote programming signals such that 0 to 10Vdc corresponds to 0 to 100% rated output voltage and current. Remote motioning functionality is provided by voltage and current test points such that 0 to 10Vdc corresponds to 0 to 100% rated voltage and current. Additionally remote polarity and mode indicators provide a comprehensive  overview of power supply operation.optional USB 2.0、RS-232  or RS-422  is available .

Mass Spectrometry
Capillary Electrophoresis
Electrostatic Research
DNA Analysis
Microchip Electrophoresis
Electrostatic Chuck (E-Chuck)

USB          USB Interface          
RS232      RS-232 Interface
RS422      RS-422 Interface

5VPM        0 to 5 Volt Programming and Monitor Scaling


Input: +24Vdc±10% .
Output: ±5KV,±10KV,±15KV,±20KV,±25KV,±30KV  
Polarity: Auto reversible via command
Power: 10 watts, maximum
Voltage Regulation:
         Load: 0.01% of output voltage no load to full load.
         Line: ±0.01% for ±10% change in input voltage.  
Ripple: 0.1% Vp-p
Stability: 0.02% per 8 hours after 1/2 hour warm-up.
         Operational: 0°C to +40°C
         Storage: -40°C to +85°C
Humidity: 10% to 85% RH, non condensing
Cooling: Free air Convection
Dimensions: 3.5”H x 5.0”W x 10.0”D (89.00mm x 127.00mm x 254.00mm)
Interface Connector:  25 pin male D connector

For information concerning our high voltage products, please call at 086 029 89282015 or visit our website www.wsmhv.com

Wisman advances medical care, industrial processes, quality control, scientific research, security and telecommunications by providing innovative high voltage power supplies including micro-modules high voltage power supply, modules high voltage power supply, X-ray generator, rack mount voltage power supply, special customized high voltage power supply, high voltage accessories, etc. that enable equipment manufacturers to improve their systems’ performance, reliability, cost and bottom line. Power range from 100mW to 200kW, voltage range from 60V to 500kV. You can purchase multiple varieties and specifications in one-stop from us. We have a high-voltage power supply research and development team, high-voltage power supply development software and software for testing high voltage insulation technology and zero current resonance technology, making our high voltage power supplies maintain high stability, low ripple, excellent in EMC. Our products are compact, highly efficient with a long operating life.

Wisman high voltage power supplies are competitively priced and a great idea for OEM customers.

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